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Free Summer Camp DC Residents 6-18 years old

Free Summer Camp 2023

Our 2023 Summer Camp, "The Mars Generation" is free for DC residents aged 6-18 years old.  We do ask for a $50 registration fee.

The Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Arts & Culture (STEMAC) summer program runs Monday through Friday 12pm to 6pm, from 26 June to 28 July 2023. 

This summer program includes instruction in free Kung Fu, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Mandarin Language and African Drumming. 

Children on Fridays will go on field trips in the DC region. Thursdays will emphasize a technology subject.

Free Children's African Drumming 2022-2023

Free Saturday Children's Program

With the help of generous funding we teach a free program of Kung Fu, Chinese Drumming, African Drumming, Lion and Dragon Dance, Mandarin and Meditation. 

This year we are honored to have Jabari Exum teach African Drumming.

Jabari Exum a.k.a JabariDC was the featured drummer and movement coach for Black Panther and Black Panther, Wakanda Forever movies.

DC residents aged 6-18 are eligible for this free  program. African Drumming is on Saturdays 2-3pm. The program runs from October 2022 to 11 June 2023.