Summer Camp 2019

Kung Fu

Hung Tao Choy Mei teaches children and adults fitness, focus, and self-defense. Kung Fu training requires no equipment, just hard work and a focused mind.

We teach Jow Ga Kung Fu to adults of all ages, for short or long stretches of time. We understand that adults have demanding work schedules, and go out of town, have looming deadlines, or are passing through on assignment. We have classes weekdays and weekends, but you practice when you can. Our rates are low and we have no contract. We ask only that when you come you work hard.

Resting is a part of training.


It is said that there are two things you train in martial arts: the 'seen', and the 'unseen'.

Sometimes it is described as external and internal energy, or strength/power and chi. But let's keep it simple, because it is challenging to train that which you cannot see. The simple answer is that self-defense takes hard work over time.

Let's Go

--Here are our applications for everyone, for all programs.-- 

CHILDREN: If you want to sign up for the upcoming youth and children program then these are the two forms. Free for DC resident youth (6-18).

ADULTS: If you want to sign up for adult classes, these are also the forms. Monthly tuition is $90/month. T-shirt, pants, sash cost $50. 

There's no direct debit. There is no contract. You may come to any scheduled class. Trial adult class is free. 

Class Times

CHILDREN No-Classes-Monday


  • 4pm to 5pm, African Drumming on Dundun, Mask up.
  • 5pm to 6pm, African Balafon. Please bring mask.

CHILDREN  Wednesday

  • 4pm to 5pm, Kung Fu Basics and Fundamentals, with mask.
  • 5pm to 6pm Lion & Dragon Dance, Drumming. Please bring mask.

CHILDREN  Thursday