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Free Summer Camp 2024, DC Residents Ages 6 to 18

Yellow dragon rising against a black background.

Thanks to city funding we are offering free Kung Fu, Djembe Drumming, Chinese Drumming for DC kids 6-18 years old in our Summer Camp.

Contact Sifu Rahim Muhammad for more information.

Our free programs are possible because of generous funding from Learn24, the city of Washington DC, and the volunteer power of parents, students. Dragons are rising. We lift them up. 



Lion Dance

Three children feed lucky lettuce to Lucky Lion Batik in Washington DC.
three lions face crowd on hilltop near washington monument
children await lions with working parents

Lion dance brings good cheer and wonder to the community, and of course, luck. 

Lion dance is an integral part of our school. Students learn lion dance to improve their agility, awareness, endurance, and how to work in a team of two as a part of a larger group. Students learn to prepare for different performance venues, and to expect last minute changes.

We perform on floors, traditional stages, streets, sidewalks--just about anywhere, anytime, but not in the rain. We have a wide range of lions and dragons for special events.