HTCMLI OST Programs Partially Funded by Learn24

Learn24 is a network of before- and after-school, and summer programs, also called out-of-school time (OST) programs.

Youth who regularly participate in quality OST programs benefit in terms of their academic performance, social and emotional development, and health and wellness. In addition, youth participation in OST programs can result in: improved school attendance; higher graduation rates; lower dropout rates; stronger academic performance; and improved positive behaviors and work habits.

Summer Camp Schedule and Syllabus

You can download the Summer Camp Schedule and Syllabus document below. It explains the course plan for the summer program. There are several charts in the PDF document that list week by week learning.

Here is the first page of the document:


Monday June 21, 2021 through Friday July 23, 2021

Let's Go

--Here are our applications for everyone, for all programs.-- 

SUMMER CAMP: If you want to sign up for Summer Camp for DC youth, then these are the two forms. Summer Camp is free for DC resident youth (7-18), 21 June through 23 July / 1pm - 6pm.

ADULTS: If you want to sign up for adult classes, these are also the forms. Monthly tuition is $90/month. T-shirt, pants, sash cost $50. There's no direct debit. There is no contract. You may come to any scheduled class

Summer Camp 2021 Flight School

Summer Camp 2021 (Ages 7-18 DC Residents)

Summer Camp 2021,  21 June through 23 July / 1pm - 6pm

Application forms are here.

Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership continues its annual free STEM Arts & Culture programming for DC schoolkids this summer with Flight School & Kung Fu.

Learn Mechanics of Flight / Principles of Weather / Principles of Takeoff, Landing & Navigation / Rules & Regulations of Flight Operations

Train on Flight Simulators / Train as part of a team of Specialists for a Space Orbiter

Sat 11-12p / Tu-Fri 6:30-7:30p

Class Times

Class times are:

  • Saturday 11am to noon, wear mask please. See you inside the school.
  • Weekday classes are Tuesday through Friday, 6:30pm to 7:30pm. So, there are no classes on Monday. 

Please contact SiFu ( your intentions so we ensure everyone a spot.


Online instruction continues for form and technique review with SiFu Ken.

Classes are inside. Bring mask.

Summer Camp 2019

Kung Fu

Hung Tao Choy Mei teaches children and adults fitness, focus, and self-defense. Kung Fu training requires no equipment, just hard work and a focused mind.

We teach Jow Ga Kung Fu to adults of all ages, for short or long stretches of time. We understand that adults have demanding work schedules, and go out of town, have looming deadlines, or are passing through on assignment. We have classes weekdays and weekends, but you practice when you can. Our rates are low and we have no contract. We ask only that when you come you work hard.

1351 U Street NW , Wash DC

Paul Robeson Mural U Street NW

The mural concept stems from the Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institutes efforts to introduce Paul Robeson to the present generation; and, re-introduce him to previous generations through the Paul Robeson "Here I Stand" Award gala at the Lincoln Theatre. Lead muralists Cory Stowers and Andrew Katz, their artist conclave (Eric B. Ricks, Maria Miller, Serena Z, Ernesto Zelaya, Jaa), the funding of DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and permission of the building owner brought Paul Robeson, larger than life, to U Street NW.

Summer Camp 2019


Hung Tao Choy Mei is planning a stellar 2021 year of activities that will shine a bright light on DC's schoolchildren.

HTCMLI teaches a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math plus Arts & Culture (STEMAC) program. Utilizing the powerful local resources of NASA personnel, museum professionals and a city full of world-class STEM practitioners, we are bringing DC's youth to the doorstep of space exploration.

Resting is a part of training.


It is said that there are two things you train in martial arts: the 'seen', and the 'unseen'.

Sometimes it is described as external and internal energy, or strength/power and chi. But let's keep it simple, because it is challenging to train that which you cannot see. The simple answer is that self-defense takes hard work over time.