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Summer Camp Schedule and Syllabus

You can download the Summer Camp Schedule and Syllabus document below. It explains the course plan for the summer program. There are several charts in the PDF document that list week by week learning.

Here is the first page of the document:


Monday June 21, 2021 through Friday July 23, 2021

BACKGROUND: In addition to our traditional activities (Lion and Dragon Dance, Kung Fu, Chinese and African Drumming and Mandarin), the theme for this year’s program focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art and Culture (STEMAC) to pique the student’s interest in space flight and exploration.

We will cover four areas:

  1. Environment, global warming and other threats.

  2. Health and conditioning for extended space exploration.

  3. The nature of our universe.

  4. Space travel and advances in technology.

Every Friday, STEMAC-themed movies and documentaries will be shown along with expert presentations, Q&A and discussions. All students will receive permission slips for parent or guardian signature for the selected movies. The films listed are suggested and substitutions can be made.

Students will choose eight of the following films to watch and discuss during the summer program: 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968; Alien 1979; Koyaaniqatisi, 1982; Apollo 13, 1995; Event Horizon, 1997; The Day After Tomorrow, 2004; An Inconvenient Truth, 2006; Sunshine, 2007; Europa Report, 2013; Gravity, 2013; Interstellar, 2014; and/or Hidden Figures, 2016; First Man 2018.

Students will attend Flight School where they will learn from a licensed pilot to fly and land their space shuttles through flight simulators set up at HTCMLI.

Children will not only learn about flight in general, but also learn:

  1. The mechanics of flight

  2. Principles of weather

  3. Principles of Navigation

    • By reference to instruments (GPS navigation)

    • By "Dead Reckoning" (using landmarks and performing calculations to determine position and fuel consumption

  1. Radio operations

  2. The National Airspace System

  3. Rules and Regulations related to flight operations

  4. Operations as part of a specialist team (flying as crew members of a Space Shuttle and as the bridge crew of an interstellar starship).