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Lion and Dragon Dance

Lion and dragon dance is an integral part of our school and brings good luck, joy, and wonder to the community

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Experience the Art of Lion and Dragon Dance

Lion and dragon dance training at our school is designed to enhance students' agility, awareness, and endurance while fostering teamwork. By learning to work in pairs and as part of a larger group, students gain valuable experience in collaboration and coordination. Our training also prepares students for various performance venues and helps them adapt to last-minute changes.

Nasa flight suit and lucky lion

Diverse Performance Venues

Our lion dance troupe performs in a variety of settings, including floors, traditional stages, streets, and sidewalks—virtually anywhere, anytime, except in the rain. We cater to a wide range of special events, bringing vibrancy and excitement to each performance.

We offer a stunning array of lions and dragons for your event, including:

  • Day-Glow Lions
  • Batik Lions
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Lions
  • Light-Up-in-the-Dark Lions
  • Red and Gold Lions
  • Traditional Long-Tail Lions
  • Short-Tail Lions

Each lion and dragon is crafted to bring color, luck, and a festive spirit to any occasion.

Lucky lions crash a wedding.

Bring the Excitement and Tradition of Lion and Dragon Dance to Your Next Event!

For more information on booking a colorful and auspicious lion dance or dragon performance, please contact:

Sifu Abdur-Rahim Muhammad


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