Lion Dance

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Kung Fu, Lion Dance, Drumming, Tai Chi training in Washington, DC

1351 U Street, Washington, DC 20009
Abdur-Rahim Muhammad, 202-232-2387  
Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute is a 501(c)(3) leadership development organization focusing on developing life-long skills for adults and children of Washington, DC.
     HTCMLI teaches adults of all ages. Some of our adult martial artists have experience from other self-defense systems. Others are passing through DC and staying for a brief assignment, or have no prior martial arts training.

Lion Dance Routines

Our lion dancers are students, and teachers of Kung Fu. They study Kung Fu for some time and then are introduced to the basics of lion dance. Dancers also learn to drum. Our lion dance teams get stage instructions just before performing, and they are not afraid of challenges or last minute changes. They might work in unison, or they may split up performing tasks. They sometimes play an ancient unwritten story passed down through many generations of lion dancers. They are art, dance, music, luck.


Lion Inspires

Lucky Lions are not just about color, expressive movement, excitement and surprise. They are an expression of teamwork, strength, endurance and spirit. They embody the qualities we admire in each other. Those same qualities allow us to make luck for ourselves and make others feel lucky.


Lion Dance

Last minute instructions for the lion dancers

On no traditional Chinese festive occasion would Lion Dance be left out.

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