Drumming and Kung Fu

A traditional Kung Fu school teaches not only Kung Fu but lion dance and drumming. And at HTCMLI we have many drums. We have many Chinese Thunder drums and we have many traditional African drums. And we always have Kung Fu.
The big drum of southern China is a cultural fixture. It is common to see a drum and drummer in the back of a truck, or on a boat, continuously beating loud rhythms to announce the approach of the lucky lions, or the passage of a venerable moment or person. The drum is played alone, or with other percussive instruments or in groups of synchronous beating of other drums. The drums are like town criers letting people know of a chance to let good luck roll into their lives. Usually they mean a break from a hectic urban routine, and a chance to relax and smile at the work of the martial artists and lucky lions.
The Djembe drum of West Africa is a cultural fixture as well. The drum calls people together, to open their heart and to speak clearly and with truth. Djembe are usually played in groups, and invite dancers to partake in the rhythms.
At HTCMLI we teach both Thunder Drums and Djembe Drums and their deep cultural roots to openness, community and well-being.

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