Jow Ga Kung Fu

Daggers Duo

The Hung Tao Choy Mei Kung Fu Leadership Institute offers a comprehensive course of traditional martial arts training. Private and group classes are conducted seven days a week. Beginning classes stress body conditioning, basic footwork, basic foot and empty hand techniques, breathing exercises, sticky hand exercises, one-step sparring, tumbling and empty hand forms.
Intermediate and advanced classes concentrate on advanced empty hand and weapons forms, two-man fighting sets, and free sparring. Students are never guaranteed they will be able to learn Kung Fu in "10 easy lessons". On the contrary, they realize after just a few lessons that complete mastery of the art is often a lifetime task, involving dedication and perseverance. Completion of the course involves several years of commitment. Perfecting the techniques will take much longer. The average student should be able to take care of himself within a years' training, but those wishing to learn more advanced techniques must study much longer.
The Hung Tao Choy Mei course includes the following:
• History & Philosophy of Kung Fu 
• Internal and External physical exercises (preparation for fighting techniques}
• Empty hand techniques. The student learns punching, kicking, hand techniques, forms, stepping, breathing methods, body movements and "Iron Palm" training.
• Weaponry involving the use of sword, staff, spear, daggers, Kwan, etc.
Hung Tao Choy Mei translates as Hung head, Choy tail or rather, head of Hung Gar Kung Fu, tail of Choy Gar Kung Fu. It is a Cantonese expression that helps describe Jow Family Style Kung Fu. It is also is the name of our nonprofit and school. 
Although our system does not have a colored belt ranking system, students must demonstrate their proficiency through formal testing conducted by SiFu Muhammad.

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